Aquila Triventek PE80 Pelletizer

This revolutionary equipment sets new standards for producing dry-ice. With the PE80, dry-ice can be manufactured where and when its wanted quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

It has always been difficult to calculate the precise amount of dry-ice required for any particular operation. It’s either too little or too much – it’s unavoidable. Consequently there is non-productive working time, costly return visits or surplus material that deteriorates rapidly – all of which has a negative effect on margins and profits.

However, with the PE80 Pelletizer high density dry-ice pellets in any size from 1.7mm to 16mm, i.e. micropellets, cleaning pellets and cooling nuggets can be manufactured locally at the point of usage. It is small, easy to locate and requires only a source of liquid CO2 and three-phase power. The PE80 is transported on a frame which can also be used as a stand-alone framework. Alternatively, it can be wall-mounted.

In The manufacture of solid CO2 (dry-ice) has been known for the past 50 years. In the process of manufacturing dry-ice pellets, liquid CO2 at high pressure will be released into a cylinder. By releasing the gas into atmospheric pressure half the gas will turn into snow and the rest will escape. The snow is then compressed into solid dry-ice pellets.


TDC Aquila Triventek Dry Ice Chilling or Cleaning Brochure